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With the advent of the mobile phone it was feared that the humble watch had run out of time…. Far from it! And they’re still one of the most popular choices when it comes to a Christmas gift.

If you’re looking for a watch with form, the Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Chrono A•T (Atomic Timekeeping) has it in spades. Billed as the world’s most accurate watch, this perpetual calendar alarm chronograph with day-date is radio-controlled in five time zones. Featuring a non-reflective sapphire glass and Eco-Drive technology, it is fuelled by light and never needs a battery.

Price | €460

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It’s probably the lack of fuss that makes Hugo Boss watches, for both men and women, some of the most stylish around. With a price tag that belies the luxury aura surrounding them, they say as much about the giver as the receiver.

Price | Ladies white watch with rose gold accent €395, rectangular faces watch with roman numerals and black lather strap €175, Classic men’s round-faced watch with rose gold case and leather strap €255, also featured in black. Gold plated case and bracelet with roman numeral dial €295.

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When it comes to starter watches for kids the plainer and more straightforward the better. A little colour helps too… The Cannibal First Tutor Watch does what it says in the tin. Great price for a gift too.

Price | €18

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Slim, stylish CK City PVD Rose Gold gents watch on brown croc stitched strap. A class act..

Price | €215

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The Tommy Hilfiger watch collection runs from the neat rectangular faced leather-strapped ladies watch that nods to the past, to the ultra modern manifestations featuring PVC and ceramic — and the whole gamut in between!

Prices | Classic rectangular €139, Cobalt blue PVC strapped €129, Gold/white ceramic (also in black) €179.

There’s something quite irrepressible about the Juicy Couture label which adds a mixture of timeless and classic to fun and funky to complete its winter timepiece collection. From the girly-girl pieces right through to the understated and elegant, the new collection will stand the test of time and add a warm smile to her face on Christmas morning.

Prices | 1.HRH Berry Timepiece €149, 2. Jasmine €200, 3.HRH in black and gold €149

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* For a comprehensive look at current watch collections check out pages 12/14/16&18 of JEWEL magazine which you can browse/download from this website.

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