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Jacinta O'Brien Hello!

Well…we’ve waved goodbye to The Troika and with a bit of luck we’re on our way to a better place. And about time too … what a struggle it’s been!

But, whatever happens, life goes on with all those seminal events still to be marked and acknowledged in a special way. The birth of a child, particularly a first, is too significant to ignore. First Communion and Confirmation surely children deserve a special day to look back upon? Birthdays — when you have the opportunity to show friends and family how much they mean to you, Mother’s and Father’s Day when you can say a heartfelt ‘thanks’ to your parents, Valentine’s Day when you spoil your loved one. Weddings, Christmas …. All these days are important events on the calendar which all of us share and acknowledge. But there are other days too that cry out to be separated from the norm. When you want to tell a child or a partner how proud you are that s/he has graduated after a long slog … when your darling passes his/her driving test (finally!) …when your baby flies the nest (where did the years go?) ….all of these milestones deserve to be marked too.

The good news is that they still can be. Your local RJI jeweller has an appropriate gift for every occasion under the sun, at a price that suits your pocket.

So go on, check the list of jewellers on the previous page, call in, tell them what you need and celebrate life with a memento that will last a lifetime.

Jacinta O'Brien, Editor

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First Communion and Confirmation gifts.

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